Thank you for your interest in swatching for my line! Although I currently have my own list of bloggers, facebookers and instagrammers, I am always interested in partnering up with new talented artists.

The artists that I like to partner up with take clean, well lit and eye-catching photos. They are also able to provide an honest review of my polishes. I will be able to use their photos on my social media with proper credit as well as some collateral, again with proper credit. The artist is willing to share my social media links with their posts and reviews. The turnaround time will be discussed upon contact but I am very reasonable.

Your blog, instagram or facebook should be an established entity with a good amount of followers. I don't have a minimum for accepted followers. Depending on what I am able to provide, I like to send a couple of polishes, full or mini sized or a full collection. Please note that this is very costly, therefore the polishes I send are at my own discretion.


I am very grateful for the artists that I am able to work with an appreciate the hard and beautiful work they do with the products.


For some artists that are not on my immediate list, I am able to provide a discount and shipment will be at the artist expense.

If you are interested, please email me at;

Please include:

  1.  Full Name
  2. State and Country
  3. Blog, instagram and or Facebook name.
  4. Number of followers/subscribers
  5. Permission to use photos with proper credit.


Thank you!



Natali D.